DISH® & DIRECTV Providers

We've been affiliated with quite a few DIRECTV & DISH® retailers and they are all about the same. They usually offer the exact same promotions and if they give away some free item, to sweeten the deal, they usually want an arm and a leg to ship it.

I've also seen a few erroneous charges on peoples credit cards from some of these retailers. Oh, did I mention the person who can't speak english when you call about the charges?

I can't really think of a reason to impose undue headaches upon yourself, so why not deal with the top DISH® & DIRECTV providers? You get "their" customer service and not some guy from India.

To help you keep your sanity we recommend you get DISH® or DIRECTV by clicking the banners below. All the links and banners on this site go to the absolute best place to get DISH or DIRECTV. Whether you decide to get DISH® or DIRECTV makes no difference. Just click the appropriate banner at the top or bottom of any page and you will be in the right place.