Cable and Satellite...Which is better?

Why would you want satellite TV-especially if you already have cable? Well, excellent picture quality, fantastic value and a TON of programming is what satellite TV is all about! Available from either DIRECTV or DISH NETWORK, satellite TV goes the extra mile by giving you complete control over what you want to watch. You actually have a choice!

Let's break it down. First of all, consider picture quality. Surveys from major, unbiased newspapers and websites prove that subscribers say they get the best picture quality from satellite. It's clear and reliable-even better than digital cable!

You also get more variety, a LOT more. With satellite TV, you can watch more than 250 stations, from news to movies to comedy to sports and children's programming. On top of that, you can listen to more than 30 music stations, without the nuisance of commercials! Top 40 to Rock to Jazz and Classical…it's all there.

A recent survey by JD Power and Associates proves that both DIRECTV and DISH NETWORK gave outstanding customer service, too. It'll come as no surprise to hear that only TWO cable providers even made the list.

And finally, no comparison of satellite and cable would be complete without looking at your pocketbook. Studies show that cable has risen 41% since 1998-compared to 8% for satellite TV! And cable continues to rise at a faster pace. Today, the average monthly cost for satellite subscribers is lower than for cable subscribers.

So why look any further? Tune into the benefits of satellite TV today!