Satellite Dish Television Comparison

If you have been a cable television subscriber for quite a while and now you see all those dishes on the sides of the houses and wonder what you’ve been missing, then it may be time to make a Satellite Dish Television comparison.  I have to say that both DIRECTV and DISH Network are quite the desirable choice.  Both allow you to add HD (High Definition Television) for just a nominal monthly fee.  Both DIRECTV and DISH Network boast that they have the very best customer service representatives over cable television’s CSR’s.

Editor's Note

DISH Network’s professional installer will install a television in all of six rooms.  DISH network has more than 200 HD channels.  You can be doing a recording of a movie in one room and watching a different channel in another room with DISH Network’s HD DVR Receiver.  The Satellite Dish Television seems to have everything we would enjoy when viewing television channels.  DIRECTV offers professional installation which is standard in up to four rooms.  DIRECTV offers you local channels to keep up with the news in your area.  DIRECTV has an offer where you can watch all the NFL football games right from your television.

Upon checking out both websites, I will say that the DISH Network website was a little more user friendly, giving up front pricing in easy to understand wording.  With the DIRECTV website it seemed a little more confusing to view.  I was redirected to a screen to put in my zip code instead of just allowing me to see for myself, the pricing of the packages.  The charts on our site make it quick and easy to compare DISH Network and DIRECTV. You can find these comparison links in the upper right side of this page.

The next thing I think an individual should think about when comparing is the promotions that are on sale, how long they run and what the difference is when comparing to the cable television or different Satellite Television you already have.  It seems that in our economy right now that making a choice to Satellite Television could save money for your family in the long run.  In comparison to the clarity with the High Definition Television, the channels available to the customer, the professional service and installation you receive when changing from cable to a Satellite Dish Television seems second to none with either DIRECTV or DISH Network.

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