Make an Educated Decision to Get Satellite TV

A battle has been waging for years now, and the war zone is your living room. A question lingers on the mind of every person, and that is “should I buy satellite TV or cable TV?” Both types of television have their perks, but it is not a choice to be taken lightly. Both offer many types of programs and HD functions, as well as clarity.

Editor's Note

There was a myth that DIRECTV used to be programmed by analog, but has upgraded to digital and this transformation made DIRECTV capable of handling HD programs and have a higher picture quality. One site even said “high picture quality is something that DISH Network has always offered according to many independent studies of the two television barons, it was decided that DISH Network had a better picture quality all around.” However, that’s simply untrue…both DISH Network and DIRECTV have been digital with top notch picture quality all along.

You will see all sorts of outdated information online stating that one company has better HD than the other, but it all depends on what channels you want to see. Here is an example of some outdated incorrect information you may see online “DIRECTV, however offers the biggest selection of HD channels compared to DISH Network and boasts a better DVR that can handle over 50 hours of HD programs. Direct TV customers always have at their fingertips about 80+ HD channels if subscribed to DIRECTV premier package versus DISH Network’s America’s Package supporting only 46 channels.” So don’t believe everything you read just use the comparison charts on this site and you will get more current information. Look for the comparison links on the right side of this page.

Editors Note: This article was written by a guest author and seems to have been written based on old information. We tried to edit it, but the main point of this site is for you to use the comparison charts to find the channels you want for the lowest price. See the comparison links in the right side menu bar.

DIRECTV offers more Sports channels than DISH Network, but this comes at quite an expense. And it also depends on what you want to watch. When it comes to standard sports channels they are fairly even matched, but DIRECTV offers more in pay-per-view channels than DISH Network by a long shot. When it comes to free music channels, both are fairly equivalent, but DISH Network offers the most overall. Cable TV sometimes offers a much broader spectrum of Spanish TV where DISH Network offers slightly less, however DISH Network offers much more standard TV channels than DIRECTV by a long shot, sporting 250+ channels as their standard package.

Both companies are notorious for having great customer service, although J.D. Power and Associates ranked DISH Network as being the best in customer satisfaction. One reason to buy satellite TV is that in the last 10 years, their prices have only increased 8% overall. Cable TV however has risen 41% in the last 10 years and is increasing steadily over time. Add that in with the expense of additional sports channels, and that could potential be a decision maker for some. Exact costs fluctuate with time, so it is good to call your provider and weigh your options based on your needs. It is still unclear who the winner of this battle will be, should you buy cable or satellite TV, the choices are yours.

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