If you are shopping for a satellite TV dealer you have come to the right place. Both DISH and DIRECTV are compared and you will see that there are few differences between the two of them but like most things you will see something that one company offers that the other one does not and it works both ways.

Editor's Note

With both companies you will usually receive close to the same amount of channels but their are a few variations including the local channels. DISH Network does list their channels separately when a packages is quoted but DIRECTV has theirs already included but the price for both is very comparable in number as well as number of channels that are available to you.

Both DIRECTV and DISH Network offer HD channels some more than others, it just depends on what package that you are interested in and what type of TV that you currently have or are planning on having in the future.

The DVR for recording has became very popular with many homes today since everyone seems to be busy away from their homes either working, socializing or taking the kids somewhere. The DVR system will allow you to record a certain television show or even a certain time block that you are wanting to watch when you return home. This option varies between the two companies as well with DIRECTV having the capabilities for you to watch your recorded program in several rooms and DISH Network has the same capabilities. You would need to decide if that is a factor for you in a satellite TV company that you choose.

The sports channels vary with both companies as well. DISH Network offers a few games here and there but DIRECTV seems to offer many more sports channels for you to view whether it is College Football and NFL Season, Basketball Season or Soccer Season, if you are a sports fan you will want to have all the channels that are available to you to enjoy when you want to view them without paying a lot for them.

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