Choosing the Right Satellite TV Options

Less than 30 years ago, satellite dishes were so expensive that only the rich could own one. Satellite was the only option for rural folks as cable was unavailable in their area. DIRECTV and DISH Network helped changed the landscape of satellite TV. Rural folks could now get in their area. The middle class now had affordable satellite TV options. How does someone choose which option is best? The best way to choose is to use our side-by-side comparison charts (see the links on the right.) By viewing our side-by-side comparison of DIRECTV and DISH, you can find the exact features you are looking for at a quick glance.

Editor's Note

DISH Network offers many great satellite TV options. They provide low cost starter packages and more channels can be added for a higher monthly cost. Depending on the current promotion DISH Network sometimes provides three months of free premium movie channels for new customers. The promotions offered may vary so check their website for current offers. The banners on our site go to the best place to get DISH Network and DIRECTV. After the three months of free movies, you can keep the premium movie channels for an additional monthly fee.

DISH Network also sometimes offers free HDTV for life to view your favorite shows in high definition. Dish not only provides equipment to receive service in multiple rooms but they also provide a free HD DVR upgrade.

There is no worrying about paying for installation because Dish provides free professional installation. They will set up everything for you so you don’t have to. Their customer service will blow you away.

DIRECTV also offers many satellite TV options. DIRECTV is a slightly higher cost option but you will get more channels and local channels are included. When you live in a rural area, it may be difficult to pick up local channels on your TV so this is a great deal. DIRECTV provides free multi-room equipment for new customers. They even offer free DVR and HD upgrades. As with DISH Network, DIRECTV offers free professional installation.

As you can see, there are many satellite TV options to choose from. Both DIRECTV and Dish provide many popular options. Choosing the right option for you can be confusing but it doesn’t have to be. Look above and to the right and you will see links to compare DIRECTV and DISH Network side-by-side. This is the best way to get exactly the channels you want for the lowest possible price.

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