Satellite TV HDTV

Looking for satellite TV HDTV, but not sure if whether DIRECTV or DISH Network is better for your needs? Using the comparison charts on this site will assist you with finding which set of channels and packages will better suit your needs. The prices are so similar that it is really up to what types of channels and how many you want to have with your new TV package.

Editor's Note

DIRECTV offers the option of adding HD to any package for $10 a month, the more channels are available with larger packages. All local HD channels are included. The HD DVR also has a Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround, a 200 hour max on any non- HD recordings, and a 50 hour max on any HD recordings.

DISH Network also has the option to add HD to any regular package for $10, however that excludes the family package. These packages offer a lot more HD channels per package. The local HD channels are an additional $5 a month to any package. The HD DVR has the Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround with a 350 hour max of non-HD recordings and a 55 hour max of HD recordings.

The pricing on both satellite TV providers for HDTV are extremely similar. Exploring each package and choosing what would best meet your needs and make the most sense would be the deciding factor on which provider to choose from. By using the comparison charts (to your right on this page) you are able to see a full list of channels for each provider with the regular package prices, along with all of the overview and prices for the HDTV DVR and packages.

The main areas to look at to help you decide between the two would be the main channels, HDTV, sport packages, pricing, and family plans available. This website also offers charts showing each category with both DIRECTV and DISH Network. Most people and families watch the same channels up to about 20 channels. Which can help decide which provider has those channels you would want to have in your package, after looking at all of the charts you should have a clear idea of what would we be best suited for you and your family.

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