Dish HDTV Options

DIRECTV and DISH Network HDTV have been in competition for years, and are offering almost identical options and viewing for the same price.  As the two major companies came into direct competition they are keeping an eye on their competitor.  As one company offers new equipment or options the other company immediately follows suit.  Over the years the two major satellite TV providers where competing with each other so fiercely their prices rose very little.  At the same time Satellite TV prices were rising very little the picture was getting better and the channel choices were more numerous.  Now that cable TV is in the same price range people who want better picture and more channels are looking at DIRECTV and DISH Network for TV viewing.

Editor's Note

As the cost of satellite TV becomes more reasonable, people start analyzing the options from both companies to so they can switch to satellite TV.  With the two major companies DIRECTV and DISH Network HDTV their programing packages are almost identical.  The only way for the consumer to make a decision on which dish company to go with depends on the channels and options you want in your home.

When choosing between DIRECTV and DISH Network HDTV the best thing to do is analyze which channels you want to watch, and which channels you want in your household.  You should also decide how you will use the service the most.  Will you be watching the TV when the programs are available, or will using the DVR to record them for later viewing?  Then go to the comparison charts on this site, and make the decision of which company best suits you needs.

With the price drop in Televisions and great sales during the last couple of years; I’m sure that a lot of people now have HD in their homes.   With a new HDTV it may be time to check out the HD channels on both DIRECTV and DISH Networks HDTV.  HDTV viewing can be a real eye opening experience especially on a larger screen.  So decide which channels you watch the most and check out our comparison charts, so you can decide which company has the package you want.

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