DISH HD TV, which used to be called DISH TURBO HD, is a great provider in the satellite TV business. Having the simple HD packages makes it easy to choose from. You are able to add HD to any package for $10 a month, except for the family package. Only $5 a month to add the HD local channels and Platinum HD for $10 a month to any package. The HD DVR is great to record up to 50 hours in any HD recordings on top of the 350 hours of any non-HD recordings. If DISHNetwork has all of the channels you are looking for, then it is the best choice for you.

Editor's Note

However, it is important to focus on comparing the channels and packages if there are other channels out there that would better suit your needs and wants. By using the comparison charts on this site, you are able to see the differences between both DISH and DIRECTV. The comparison charts give a full chart of the basic overview between the two providers and also has comparison charts for sport packages, music packages, channels and many more.

Both providers have a very similar price in the HDTV packages and options. The major difference is that DIRECTV offers a HD package to add to family packages and includes all local HD channels. Looking into what exact package you would want and then basing the next steps off of there would be where to start. Both of these companies provide excellent service and quality so comparing each area is necessary to find what the best choice is for you.

By being able to compare the channels, you can tell right away if one has more channels of what you are actually going to want to watch. Along with the services and packages. Finding what is practical and suits your needs come first. If one fits better than the other then you have your choice. However in the case that both providers offer what you are looking for then it will come down to price or package difference.

This website offers all of the comparison charts mentioned above along with Spanish, family plans, DVRs, and HDTV. After deciding which is the best option, you are a step closer to having satellite dish HD TV.

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