When looking to purchase Satellite TV it doesn’t make sense to purchase the same service from your phone company, or another third party provider who is just going to bill you for service from the DIRECTV or DISH Network.  So going directly to the Satellite TV provider is the best and easiest option, the question is which one do you go with.  They are both so comparable that the only way to decide is to go through the comparison charts on this site and look for the channels and options that appeal to you and your household especially when searching out DIRECTV HDTV or DISH Network’s HDTV options.

Editor's Note

Not so long ago Satellite television was expensive and even more expensive to install.  You paid for installation; you paid for equipment, and then only had very few options.   As technology has advanced that isn’t the case anymore and more people are looking to switch from cable to Dish TV.  DISH Network and DIRECTV HDTV are fierce competitors.  I think everyone has seen a card or two in the mail, selling you on the advantages of one company or another.

With all the new TV sales since the switch to digital signal, we are all looking for HD viewing at the best price.  HD viewing is a great reason to switch to DISH Network and DIRECTV HDTV.  These two companies are in competition so strongly that if one company comes out with an option or added service the other company will follow suit just to keep up with them.   DIRECTV and DISH Network can now be recorded and watch at a later time with their new HD DVR service.

I think the biggest selling point of going with Dish TV viewing is the HDTV option.  So you need to search through the comparison charts on this sight and see what channels you are interested in and if they are offered for HD viewing.   The comparison is a side by side view of options and channels, making it easy to search down the list for the channels or options that you want and decide who offers the most of what you are looking for.  Now is the time to get the TV viewing experience that you want.

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