DIRECTV HD Provides Hours of High Definition Entertainment

DIRECTV began as a standard definition digital satellite company but has grown to include HD. Not only does DIRECTV HD allow you to watch high definition satellite TV, but you can also record HDTV with the push of a button. Recording your favorite show in HD couldn’t be easier. DIRECTV offers a variety of HD receivers to meet your needs.

Editor's NoteThe basic DIRECTV HD receiver features an on screen guide that is customizable and perfect for any family. The guide shows upcoming shows and the channels on which they will air. It makes it easy to find your favorite shows. If you do find your favorite show but it won’t be on for another hour, set the timer to allow the receiver to automatically turn to your favorite show when it comes on. For families, the parental controls allows parents to restrict shows based on violence, language and other questionable content. If you get a phone call during your show, there is no need to leave the TV. The DIRECTV receiver will show you who is calling with the caller ID. The best feature of the HD receiver is the ability to watch television in high definition in 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i. Most shows will be broadcast in high definition. Not only will the shows be broadcast in HD, but the shows also feature Dolby Digital Surround Sound to make the shows come to life.

For those that need even more features, try the plus receiver. The DIRECTV HD DVR receiver will record shows in HD. Up to 200 hours of standard definition television can be recorded but why record in standard definition when you can record in high definition. The receiver will allow you to record up to 50 hours of HD television. Using the remote, you can pause live TV which will allow you to fast forward through commercials. The receiver can also be programmed to record entire seasons of TV shows or it can record shows by keywords. The guide will list future shows 14 days in advance to allow you to find your favorite shows before they air.

DIRECTV offers a free DIRECTV HD receiver when you sign up. Both DIRECTV and DISH Network provide HDTV channels and free receivers. See the comparison chart links (right side of this page) to compare DISH Network and DIRECTV today!

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