Get A Number Of Options With DISH

If you are looking for the right number to get DISHNetwork it’s 1-866-897-0480. When it comes to your television and your choice of satellite TV services, the choice can be a hard one. Let us help map out your choices between two big providers DIRECTV and DISHNetwork and the top options they have for you in HD DVR services.

Editor's Note

Is DISHNetwork number 1? They certainly are in the eyes of their customers. They have several packages available from your basic with local channels to something more specific like an International package that allows you to pick specific language programming. You even have the option to add telephone and Internet service. DISHNetwork has award winning HD DVR’s like the VIP 922 Slingloaded HD DVR. This device allows you to watch your DISHNetwork on your computer, laptop, or mobile device. You can record up to two of your favorite shows at the same time and it comes with a 1 terabyte hard drive. DISHNetwork also has powerful search capacities so you can find the program you are looking for with ease.

Although DISHNetwork has its place in the market, so does DIRECTV with over 50 million subscribers. DIRECTV offers over over 280 channels and 160 of those being HD channels with the option of the highest quality of 1080p HD, just like Blu-Ray. DIRECTV also has the option to view limited programming from your mobile device. Their DIRECTV Plus HD DVR allows you to record up to 400 hours of Standard Definition television or up to 100 hours of HD television. You can record on your favorite show and watch it in any room, on any TV. Plus it is a winner of ENERGY STAR Excellence in Energy Efficient Product Design.

Both DIRECTV and DISHNetwork number of product options beyond what was mentioned in this article. From the basic up to the top of the line, you will receive high quality HD TV and excellent customer service. If it is time for you to order, DISHNetwork makes it easy to do over the Internet. Simply click on their ad (top or bottom of each page) and you’re headed in the right direction. So go, get DISHNetwork, or even check out DIRECTV now! What are you waiting for?

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