DISHNetwork & DIRECTV Offer Great Satellite Options

DISHNetwork and DIRECTV both offer satellite TV with many different channels. There are a few differences between the two services though. DIRECTV offers substantially more channels in its basic package than DISHNetworks. You may think it may difficult to commit to a long-term contract, but either company will move the service for you if you move. Both services have channels that are specially designed to be suitable for children to watch any time of day without the parent having to worry.

Editor's Note

It can sometimes be difficult to feel comfortable letting children watch television on the standard television channels. So many things are now allowed on television that it can be nerve-wracking trying to control what your child is seeing when you have no control over what the television stations are showing. Commercials, shows, and even infomercials are now oozing sex and degradation. There are channels that show nothing but family friendly viewing. They are not available without getting satellite. There are two major contenders in the battle for affordable, wholesome viewing.

DIRECTV usually requires that a customer commit to a 12 month to 14 month contract. If the person has to moves somewhere that does not allow satellite or already has it and no longer needs the service they will have to pay cancellation fees and penalties. DISHNetwork has two different options for the customer. They can either sign up for a long-term contract and get a discounted rate or they can do a month to month contract and have to pay for the installation charges.

Another difference between DISH Network and DIRECTV is the price. Both DISH Network and DIRECTV offers discounts and sometimes offers a few months free. After the months are up the regular rates are effective. DISH Network is on average $10 cheaper than DIRECTV every month because they use different receivers to bring the satellite to the homes. DIRECTV uses single tuner receivers. This means that every room in the home that wants to receive satellite must have its own tuner. Every tuner costs $5 extra per month. This can become very costly. DISHNetwork uses dual tuner receivers which means that only one receiver is needed for every two rooms. This helps to save the consumer money if they need to have service in multiple rooms.

When it comes down to it you really have to decide what channels you want to watch and use the comparison charts on this site to figure out which company has what you want to watch for the best price. Both DISHNetwork and DIRECTV are very good and you can’t go wrong with either of them. Rest assured that the banners on this site go to the appropriate site where you will get the best possible deal.

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