Dish TV Options

Since the new Digital TV switch over, consumers have been hit with multiple ads by both satellite TV dealers.  So now is the time to take a closer look at the options and go with the best deal.  As with everything electronic prices and equipment have shrunk, and options have grown.  When DISH TV first came out the price was high and the options were minimal, and cable was easy and simple.  Now, years later, the equipment is much smaller, the options are greater, and the price is affordable. Everywhere you look there are satellite dishes mounted on houses.

Editor's Note

Both DISH Network and DIRECTV have great sign up options, free equipment, and free installation.  They both offer local channels, and HD service, and their packages are almost identical.  So you have to look at the channels you watch or want to watch.  Take into account your family interest and what you want to have available in your home.  The companies both offer small packages, for the moderate dish TV watcher, and packages for the TV enthusiast, as well as the sports packages for the sports enthusiast.  Although DIRECTV is a little more expensive, it has the NFL package.  But if you’re looking for the lowest price for the channels you want, go to the comparison charts on this site (look to your right) and compare the packages that have the channels you are interested in.

When comparing the options like HD channels and DVR capabilities, you have to decide what you want most from your TV viewing experience.  Are you going to be watching TV during the day, or are you going to want to record programs and watch them later when you have the free time?  In that case, you are going to want to go with the dish TV company that gives you the most recording time for your shows.

This decision to switch to dish TV involves a few fundamental decisions.  How many channels you want to have available, how much recording time you are going to need and how many channels you want in HD format. I think that after you decide what you want, our side by side comparison makes this decision fundamentally easy.

This DISH Network VS DIRECTV comparison gives the programming options of both companies and breaks through all the advertising hype to show you exactly what you will be getting.

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