A Look Into Satellite Dish TV

For many people, cable is not their choice for television watching. They prefer the better service that they get from satellite TV services like DISH Sat TV. Using DISH Network or DIRECTV is a good choice for people in rural areas because cable often isn’t strung out to the homes in those areas because it’s very expensive, time consuming and difficult to string the wires needed. Often time cable companies will request that the customer assume some of the cost of wiring the area.

Editor's Note

Instead of having to mess with all that, it is much easier and much less expensive to call DISH Network or DIRECTV. DISH Network comes to your home, and installs a satellite dish on your roof, pointed to the best angle for reception. All you have to do is have a cable from there to your satellite box. So much easier than cable. Another benefit is that DISH Network’s basic package is much less expensive than the basic package at cable companies, and you get more channels.

When people are looking into satellite TV, they look at both DISH TV and DIRECTV. They have a lot in common, and share many of the same channels and have similar packages, which is why the more information you have about the companies the easier your decision becomes. For both companies, the basic prices are similar.

On the lower priced packages DISH Network is around $25, while DIRECTV comes in at about $30, but that DIRECTV package has more channels and locals are included. For just $10 more a month you can add in HDTV channels for either company. DISH Network has a large selection of HDTV channels, and a larger selection of packages in differing price ranges. If you are interested in international programming, both companies over several foreign language channels, but DISH Network seems to have more choices.

When you compare DISH Sat TV and DIRECTV you should compare their prices and channels in the package you want. One example of this is some of the sports packages offered by DIRECTV that just aren’t available through DISH Network. Only you can decide which one will work best for you, but comparing them head to head makes the decision easier. The quickest and easiest way to compare them is by using the comparison charts on this site. You should see the links on the right side of this page.

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