DIRECTV and Dish Compared

When selecting satellite TV service, know that there are a couple types of satellite TV services to choose from. The different types of satellite TV services include both DIRECTV and We will take a look at each service individually and together.

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DIRECTV is known for their crystal-clear HD pictures. This service offers over 265 channels. Typically DIRECTV offers more channels than other TV services for the money. One of the biggest selling points for DIRECTV is the NFL Sunday Ticket package; they also have other sports packages that include; NBA League Pass, MLB Extra Innings and the NHL Center Ice Bundle. DIRECTV sometimes requires up to a two year contract for first time subscribers.

DIRECTV has partnered up with some of the top net and phone providers. By joining with these companies, DIRECTV is able to offer bundle discounts when consumers take advantage of all the three services. The DIRECTV prices start at $29.99 per month.

Another great satellite TV service option is This service offers more than 270 popular television channels. offers a multi-sport package that includes NFLRedZone, NBA TV, NHL Network along with soccer, basketball, hockey and baseball channels.

For about $24 per month you will receive up to 175 channels. Included in the 175 channels are CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC, ESPN, and MTV along with 50 music station. offers the lowest starting prices. Another big plus for DISH Network is that they sometimes have short contract commitments.

Both companies offer 24 hours per day, seven days a week customer service. The field technicians with both companies are top notch. The companies both offer DVR’s which make watching television more convenient. Promotions are offered with both companies, however they are usually offered for a 90 day period. Make sure you look at the prices after the promotion ends before making your final decision.

Both companies offer HDTV. HDTV makes the television experience much clearer. With one to two million pixels per frame the picture is focused more than standard definition with more vivid colors. Both options offer Pay-Per-View on-screen purchasing. This means you can rent movies and events from the comfort of your couch (if you don’t already have Netflix).

When selecting between DISH Network and DIRECTV there are a lot of things to consider. Be sure to know what channels you want from a satellite service. By utilizing the comparison charts on this site you can quickly and easily find the channels you want to watch for the lowest price.

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