DISH High Definition Compared to DIRECTV HD

When choosing a satellite company, there are many options to choose from which can cause information overload. The major satellite companies, DISH Network and DIRECTV, advertise constantly. Consumers are promised pricing and programming that is better than the competition. DISH high definition and DIRECTV HD are very similar. How do you know which company is right for you?

Editor's Note

Although both companies look similar, there are major differences in prices and packages, especially among DIRECTV and DISH high definition. DIRECTV is also one of the most popular satellite TV companies. Occasionally they offer more programming and sports packages in hi def than DISH Network. Local channels can be added to any package for a monthly fee. Other additional fees include DVR and HD. New customers can receive a high definition digital video recorder for free plus equipment for multiple rooms. DIRECTV offers packages that includes these services in the monthly price. Those who love sports will also love DIRECTV. Some of the premium sports packages include NFL Sunday Ticket and MLB Extra Inning. They cost extra but it is worth it to the serious sports fan. DISH HD also offers premium sports packages, but you ultimately have to decide which one is for you.

DISH Network also offers lower cost packages, but they may have less channels. However, DISH high definition is just as good or better than DIRECTV and cable companies. DISH packages are totally flexible in the fact that you can customize any package. Services can be added or removed easily. This allows the consumer to control their budget and their satellite programming. There is no need to waste money on channels that won’t be used. There are a variety of services that are offered by DISH Network to choose from. DISH customers have the option of DISH hi def. Dish network made it very simple to get HD, just pay $10 per month and you get HD added to the regular package you order.

Customers can easily become confused as both DIRECTV and DISH Network provide a variety of programming. Our site offers a variety of quality comparison charts that provide a side by side comparison of DIRECTV and DISH high definition prices and programming. You can see the links to these comparison charts on the right side of this page.

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