DIRECTV Overview

DIRECTV, which is commonly misspelled DIRECT TV, is without a doubt one of the best sources for TV programming. Depending on what channels you want to watch, it may be the best. Every satellite and cable company claims to be the best, but how can you actually tell?

The question about who has the best satellite TV or cable service is sort of subjective. The real answer depends mostly on what channels you want to watch. Most people watch no more than 10 to 20 channels and if DIRECTV has all of them and no one else does then DIRECTV is the best. If every service has exactly what you want then it comes down to other things like price or DVR.

Editor's Note

Both satellite TV providers are extremely competitive with each other and the cable companies as well. As a matter of fact they have both sent me quite a few e-mails asking that I make changes to my site. They didn’t say it, but I knew if I didn’t I’d be hearing from their attorney. However, they want to protect the integrity of their company and I don’t blame them.

For example, DIRECTV asked me to make sure I had the correct spelling of their brand name. They didn’t want misspellings like DIRECT TV or DIRECTTV on my site. I’ve also had similar requests from DISH Network as well. So, as you can tell these companies are in fierce competition and they are determined to earn your trust.

People e-mail me with complaints about both satellite TV companies, but what they don’t realize is that they may have gotten a bad customer service rep or installer. If you get bad customer service (with any company) just hang up and call again an hour or so later and you’ll probably get a new person and a more favorable answer.

DIRECTV and DISH are both very serious about having you as a customer, so if you see people complaining about one or the other, just know that these companies don’t aggravate people on purpose. Most cable companies, however, are notorious for horrible customer service.

So, when you are ready to get DIRECTV or DISH Network you need to start by comparing channels. That’s the best way to find out which is BEST FOR YOU!

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