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Which Is Better DIRECTV or DISH

I don’t think any one company that offers HDTV packages or satellite etc can really say they are the better than the other. It’s all in personal preference, what is available in your area, cost comparison, equipment used, etc. There are many differences and similarities between companies and their satellite TV packages. So I’m going […]

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Comparing Satellite HD TV Packages

Satellite TV is more popular now than ever before. DIRECTV and DISH Network are both excellent and very competitive providers of satellite TV service. Both companies provide exquisite HDTV services. Both DIRECTV and DISH Network make it very easy to get HDTV added to your package. Both companies charge a fee of $10 which is […]

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The Different Satellite TV Deals Available

When it comes to watching TV, the competition is tough.  I mean there is DIRECTV and then there is DISH, but they are the same, aren’t they? There actually is quite a bit of difference between what each service offers with programming and packages. Tweet

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DISH & DIRECTV Comparison

Comparing DISH Network & DIRECTV is amazingly simple once you cut through all the marketing fluff. Both DISH and DIRECTV are fiercely competitive and you will see all sorts of ads on TV, the internet and your regular snail mail. Most of these ads just give you their latest promotion, but how do you tell […]

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Choose Satellite TV and Save Big!

By now you have probably had cable TV at one time in your life, but to your surprise, your bill kept going up. Cable TV companies never had competitors before, so customer service is not something they are accustomed to. Now with satellite TV on the scene, your local cable provider is feeling the pressure […]

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Guide To Satellite TV Providers

When considering satellite TV providers you absolutely must know who is managing the delivery, setup and installation of your system. Spare yourself the misery of getting your system from the wrong people. Lately everyone from the local bait and tackle store to the large department stores are selling satellite service. But be aware that these […]

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