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How the Hopper® Compares to Other DVRs

DVRs can record programming digitally by storing it on a hard drive. Different types of DVRs have different size hard drives, and that determines the amount of programming that the machine is capable of storing. High Definition programming uses much more hard drive space than Single Definition. Tweet

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A Closer Look At DIRECTV & DISH

Are you looking for the best possible television service, offered to you at the most affordable prices? Consider DISH Network or DIRECTV as your number one options! Both companies are committed to constantly upgrading their services, channels, and features to give customers and prospective customers alike a more satisfying television watching experience. Tweet

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Digital Satellite Television – Options for Your Changing Needs

Television services have really evolved over the years.  When TV first came out people had no more than 3-5 channels to choose from and rabbit ears were all the rage.  Can you imagine having these limitations today?  Thank goodness for technology and digital satellite television.  While cable is still pretty popular among some people that […]

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Choosing The Right Satellite Dish

Satellite TV is becoming more popular every day. More people are making the switch to Satellite TV, and the reason is as clear as the picture quality that satellite TV provides. The picture quality is by far the best, and top notch satellite services are available from both DIRECTV and DISH Network. Both companies offer […]

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Satellite Dish Television Comparison

If you have been a cable television subscriber for quite a while and now you see all those dishes on the sides of the houses and wonder what you’ve been missing, then it may be time to make a Satellite Dish Television comparison.  I have to say that both DIRECTV and DISH Network are quite the desirable choice.  Both allow […]

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Shopping for Cheap Satellite TV

Cheap satellite TV is fairly easy to come by these days, especially with the promotional prices that are usually offered. However, when it comes to choosing satellite services, such as those offered by DIRECTV and DISH Network, it’s important not to base your decision solely on the promo price, because those are always subject to […]

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Comparing Christian Satellite TV

Today’s world is thriving on technology. Satellite TV is one of the most popular forms of household entertainment in the world. There are many different providers for satellite TV. The two biggest and most competitive companies that provide us with satellite TV are DISH Network and DIRECTV. There is a reason why these are the […]

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Make an Educated Decision to Get Satellite TV

A battle has been waging for years now, and the war zone is your living room. A question lingers on the mind of every person, and that is “should I buy satellite TV or cable TV?” Both types of television have their perks, but it is not a choice to be taken lightly. Both offer […]

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Choosing the Right Satellite TV Options

Less than 30 years ago, satellite dishes were so expensive that only the rich could own one. Satellite was the only option for rural folks as cable was unavailable in their area. DIRECTV and DISH Network helped changed the landscape of satellite TV. Rural folks could now get in their area. The middle class now […]

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If you are shopping for a satellite TV dealer you have come to the right place. Both DISH and DIRECTV are compared and you will see that there are few differences between the two of them but like most things you will see something that one company offers that the other one does not and […]

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