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High Def Satellite Overview

Are you fed up with the basic channels that your cable service provides that cost you an arm and a leg each month? Do you wish that there was a far better television service that could offer you award winning service, and a wide variety of channels in crisp, clear high definition? Do you want […]

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Dish HDTV Options

DIRECTV and DISH Network HDTV have been in competition for years, and are offering almost identical options and viewing for the same price.  As the two major companies came into direct competition they are keeping an eye on their competitor.  As one company offers new equipment or options the other company immediately follows suit.  Over […]

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When looking to purchase Satellite TV it doesn’t make sense to purchase the same service from your phone company, or another third party provider who is just going to bill you for service from the DIRECTV or DISH Network.  So going directly to the Satellite TV provider is the best and easiest option, the question […]

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DIRECTV HD Provides Hours of High Definition Entertainment

DIRECTV began as a standard definition digital satellite company but has grown to include HD. Not only does DIRECTV HD allow you to watch high definition satellite TV, but you can also record HDTV with the push of a button. Recording your favorite show in HD couldn’t be easier. DIRECTV offers a variety of HD […]

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Satellite TV HDTV

Looking for satellite TV HDTV, but not sure if whether DIRECTV or DISH Network is better for your needs? Using the comparison charts on this site will assist you with finding which set of channels and packages will better suit your needs. The prices are so similar that it is really up to what types of […]

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Compare HD Satellite TV Packages In One Place

High definition television is quickly becoming a standard in most homes today. As the owner of a high definition television you want the HD programming that will get the most out of your television set and it’s features. While cable companies have HD programming, don’t forget about HD satellite TV. Satellite TV companies offer many […]

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DISH HD TV, which used to be called DISH TURBO HD, is a great provider in the satellite TV business. Having the simple HD packages makes it easy to choose from. You are able to add HD to any package for $10 a month, except for the family package. Only $5 a month to add […]

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Compare DIRECTV and DISH HD Today

HDTV is growing in popularity in the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia. The main benefits of HDTV over standard definition include multi-channel audio, increased picture resolution and a 16:9 widescreen standard aspect. The benefits greatly influence the sound and picture quality of DISH HD. HDTV features a picture that is six times clearer than […]

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Comparing Satellite HD TV Packages

Satellite TV is more popular now than ever before. DIRECTV and DISH Network are both excellent and very competitive providers of satellite TV service. Both companies provide exquisite HDTV services. Both DIRECTV and DISH Network make it very easy to get HDTV added to your package. Both companies charge a fee of $10 which is […]

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