Satellite TV Review

When making your own satellite TV comparison you may feel a little overwhelmed with all the satellite TV lingo. Never mind the triple LNB's for a moment. We're going to attempt to clear things up a bit. We created this site for you to compare satellite TV and cable TV, without high pressured sales.

You can avoid spending countless hours researching the differences between DISH® and DIRECTV. We've got all of the information you need and the best places possible to get your new satellite TV system right here.


Both DISH and DIRECTV offer top notch services and are constantly trying to improve their product and image. DIRECTV for example, recently asked us to change any mispellings like DIRECT TV, DIRECTTV, DIRECTV.COM, and We've had similar requests in the past from DISH® as well.

DISH® and DIRECTV are very similar in pricing and channels. DIRECTV is priced slightly higher than DISH, but has a few programming options like NFL Sunday Ticket, that you can't get with DISH® and vice versa. Neither system is superior to the other, but the small differences that you will find in this site will make all the difference in your overall happiness with your new dish TV system. Look to the right and you will see eleven different DISH vs DIRECTV comparisons that will help you choose the dish satellite TV system that fits you best.

Cable And Satellite

Comparing cable direct to satellite is not the easiest thing in the world. First of all we can't get access to the channel selection for cable providers, but chances are you have had cable at some point and know what channels and benefits they offered. You will find that cable TV is much more expensive and has less channels. Another major factor to consider when comparing cable and satellite is customer satisfaction. For years now, DISH® and DIRECTV have been the leaders in customer satisfaction according to the J.D. Power and Associates website. Actually most cable TV providers got really bad ratings from J.D. Power.

Choosing A Satellite TV Retailer

By now you have probably gotten ten million advertisements in the mail and everywhere you look trying to sell you satellite TV service. There is no equipment to buy and you get almost the same perks with every single retailer out there.

So, how do you know which advertisement to go with when everyone from your local grocery store to your phone company is trying to sell you satellite TV service? It's easy! Ask yourself these questions. Would you buy toilet tissue from a sandpaper company? Would you go the dollar store to get a part for your computer? So why would you get DISH or DIRECTV from your phone company or your local department store? When dealing with something as critical as satellite TV you want to get the best nationwide retailer you can find. The right satellite TV retailer will always have more perks, more experience and the best service. Hopefully, this comparison will help you choose the right system for you.